Elsewhere in the blogosphere update November

Do people still use the word blogosphere? It’s been rather quiet here at Fistful of Cinctans and that’s because I’ve been writing a lot elsewhere, so like those cheap flashback sitcom episodes that are mostly made up of footage from older episodes, here’s some pointers to other stuff I’ve been writing instead.

Underwhelming Fossil Fish of the Month continues over at UCL’s Grant Museum of Zoology. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to continue the series from afar so head there for your monthly slice of dull fossil fish and mind numbing palaeoichthyological arcana.

The Guardian’s Lost Worlds Revisited continues. My latest contribution asks the hard question is palaeontology a waste of public funding? Apparently, the ridiculous notions that funding should be redirected from Dr Eurovision to fund graptolite research or that astronomers  are waging an expensive yet ineffective interplanetary war have been perceived to be a genuine threat to the palaeontological academy by one researcher. Who said that humourless tribal arrogance was dead in the ivory tower?

I was very lucky to have been invited to contribute to the Biodiversity Heritage Library Blog through Twitter. I’m a huge fan of the tireless work of all the contributing organisations to the BHL and unlike other initiatives, it is digitisation done right, especially their use of a range of platforms and the social media from the BHL team and now me!

September was a fairly hectic conference and public engagement season for me but some of those seeds are beginning to bear fruit already. I was lucky to have been invited to speak at a really interesting workshop on Popularising Palaeontology organised by Chris Manias at King’s College London. The talks were recorded and the website is now live with videos of all the talks with a series of blog posts to be coming too. I talked about underwhelming fossils and how to use them and there were some great talks from all walks of popularising palaeontology.

Lastly, I created an ART page on this blog to house the myriad of professional artworks created by an up and coming palaeo-artist (available for wedding, funeral and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs commissions) in the line of science service, mostly so I don’t have to trawl through Twitter to find them when I need them.

Bought this gorgeous fossil nautiloid which this poor sketch does no justice to. No justice.

Bought this gorgeous fossil nautiloid which this poor sketch does no justice to. No justice.


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