The PhylaRap

Last week I was asked to do a Museums Showoff set and I’d been tweeting about a Phyla Rap I’d been writing on the bus to pass the time. Museums Showoff if you don’t know, is an open mic night for people who work in and love museums to shout about what they do. I decided that agreeing to do a set would prompt me to write a bit more of the Phyla Rap and perform it for the first time.

Combining the misogyny of popular music and the principles of Linnean taxonomy, it went down surprisingly well and hopefully some of the audience learned a little bit about taxonomy and animal groups off the beaten track. I reproduce it in full here, but bear in mind that a) This is a performance meant for a room full of people that had been drinking for some hours and b) Is supported by hilarious visuals which I haven’t reproduced all of here c) It’s about a third done so apologies if your favourite group isn’t in there.

So. Linnean taxonomy and animal phyla. Wrote a song about. Wanna hear it? Here it goes. Continue reading